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Who we are

RESET2 - software producer since 1992.

RESET2 Oprogramowanie sp.z o.o. sp.k. (formerly RESET2 sp.z o.o.) has been on the market since 2001 and it continues the business activity of RESET Computer Systems s.c. founded in 1992. The company deals with designing, sales and implementation of IT systems which support company management. The main emphasis in our products is put on a very wide range of possibilities combined with an easy and intuitional operation.

The employees and partners of our company are highly qualified and have over a decade of experience in designing and implementing IT systems. High standard of operation and the reaction time to users’ suggestions of are highly appreciated by our customers.

We specialise in HR and payroll systems. Since 1992 we have already created four generations of them. The systems of R2płatnik, R2płatnikPRO and R2płatnikSBO are actively used by over four thousand companies. This means that the remuneration of about 200 000 employees in Poland is calculated by the means of the R2płatnik family products setting standards in the field of HR and payroll software.

The R2płatnik, R2płatnikPRO and R2płatnikSBO programmes are highly compatible and cooperative with financial and accounting systems of other producers. The quality of our products was valued, amongst others, by SAP company – a world leader of software for companies. In 2004 we became a SAP Software Partner in the field of complementary solutions and we produced a special version of the R2płatnikPRO programme designed for the SAP Business One system - the R2płatnikSBO system . The SAP Business One system complemented by the R2płatnikSBO programme constitutes a comprehensive system for the management of a company.

Our business offer includes also our other programmes that support the remaining aspects of a company business activity. They are the bookkeeping R2fk and R2księga systems, the R2faktury system for servicing sales and conducting a warehouse as well as the R2środki programme which supports the management of fixed assets. They are actively used by as many as about 2500 users.

The fact that our applications are very popular with accounting offices proves their wide functionality. The R2płatnik, R2fk and R2księga systems are a basic working tool in these offices.

Meeting the expectations of various user groups we introduced three product lines: Standard – for small and medium-size companies, PRO – for medium-size and big companies and SBO – for the users of the SAP Business One.

Currently we are intensively working on the update and extension of the already high versatility of all our systems. In the nearest future we are going to put on offer an HR module for the R2płatnikPRO and R2płatnikSBO systems and to expand the PRO line by the remaining programmes.

Customers’ opinions and the growing number of active users make us confident of the right direction of our work.

You are very welcome to cooperate with us!

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