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PRO Line

For medium and large enterprises

do not limit your requirements
R2płatnikPRO HR and payroll system
  • Quick access to personal data
  • Worktime planning and recording
  • Proper remuneration calculation
  • Proper settlement with state institutions
  • Timely transfers into employees’ accounts
  • Detailed analysis of remuneration costs
R2płatnikPRO HR and payroll system

R2płatnikPRO is an HR and payroll system based on SQL server. The application enables the management of HR and organisational structure of a company, calculating remuneration and automatic settlements with a tax office and the Social Insurance Office. The software works efficiently and steadily in computer networks and it includes advanced security mechanisms which protect it against illegal access to information included in the database. The system requires earlier installation of the full server of SQL database (microsoft SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft SQL Server 2005), but in the case of a smaller number of users it is sufficient to install a free-of-charge version of Microsoft SQL server attached to the software. The system cooperates also with the IBM DB2 database available for Linux and Windows platforms as well as with its free-of-charge Express-C version.

R2płatnikPRO is the fourth generation of HR and payroll systems, developed since 1992. Designing the system was possible thanks to long-standing experience of IT specialists and HR and payroll experts. The software can cooperate with any financial and accounting systems as well as with the following applications: work time record, recording drivers’ work time (tachograph), Płatnik ZUS, the programme for electronic data exchange with National Health Fund (NFZ) and with all bank systems used in Poland. It also allows for sending data to the PFRON System of Funding and information for GUS.

The application includes mechanisms of full control of entered data and the system of specific prompts and explanations of calculating particular remuneration components, reducing to minimum the burden of calculating remuneration and filling in the forms. The in-built functions of serial counting (automatic filling-in of work cards, counting limits of annual leaves, global calculation of payroll) are useful particularly in companies that employ a large number of employees. The system ensures a detailed allocation of remuneration costs and significantly facilitates taking personnel decisions.

R2płatnikPRO consists of ready sets of remuneration components and easily modified payroll definitions, which allows for significant reduction of implementation costs and system operation. Its price depends on employment size and the number of users. All programme updates and calculation parametres are made accessible via internet.

The system is particularly recommended for medium and large-size companies and small rapidly-growing businesses.

Record of employees Record of employees

  • employment planning
    • planning job positions in branches, departments and teams
    • job descriptions including tasks to perform
    • a recruitment module, evaluation of job and other qualifications
  • record of employees with the division into groups
    • a multi-level company organisation chart
    • a possibility of importing employees' data (including the opening balance) from the Płatnik ZUS programme (an electronic programme for transferring social insurance data) and other systems
    • searching employees with required qualifications and training
  • systematic structure of HR data
    • reminders of the expiring dates of medical tests and work safety trainings
    • a correct interpretation of dabbed-on periods in the employment and education history
    • an employee’s file with quick access to original documents
    • options of refunding social insurance collections and financing remuneration depending on employment size
  • record of employment contracts and reassignments
    • a pay calculator enables fast calculation of net-gross, including full remuneration costs
    • second employment in the same company is taken into account
    • together with employment contracts it records social insurance registrations and cancellations
    • adjusting standards forms (contracts, certificates, etc.) to internal requirements
  • deductions, loans, equivalents and flat rats
    • controlling the balance of instalment loan payments
    • controlling alimonies and other bailiff deductions
    • clearing a car lump sum
    • record of granted and paid social benefits
    • record of penalties and rewards
  • equipment record
    • planning of equipment vested on a particular work position (e.g. protective clothing, cleaning detergents) as well as checking its expiry date
    • equipment warehouse with orders that take into account individual employee features (e.g. clothes size)
  • planning and record of trainings
    • specifying the type of training and dates of their passing required on a given work position
    • a plan and detailed record of attended trainings
    • an employee development evaluation

Calculating work time Calculating work time

  • establishing the nominal work time for employee groups
    • different work time systems compatible with labour code
    • controlling standards of work time in an established calculation period
    • a possibility of establishing an hourly schedule of work start and end
    • automatic planning according to various work time systems (12 hrs, 12/24, three-shift, continuous three-shift)
  • monthly and annual work time record
    • managing hours to be worked off or taken by employees
    • a possibility of introducing the times of entering and leaving the workplace
    • an advanced interpretation of the times of entering and leaving the workplace on the basis of an established work schedule
    • a possibility of cooperation with RCP systems (automatic attendance recording terminals) as well as with the systems of clearing the work time of drivers (tachograph)
    • an internal RCP system through internet or intranet
  • annual leave card with a control of leaves' limits
    • explanations of the amount of an automatically introduced leave limit taking into account changes of jobs and extent of disability that took place within a month
    • annual leave application forms submitted via internet or intranet
  • sick pay card with an automatic calculation of sick pays
    • explanations of the amount of an automatically calculated sick pay together with the way of calculating (completing up to a full month) the basis
    • correcting previous sick leave ceritificates
  • record of costs with the possibility of clearing particular commissions
    • a library of commissions, i.e. contracts or projects executed by company
    • record of costs separating employees’ works performed in particular departments and commissions
    • a possibility of detailed cost specification directly during filling-in a work card
  • calculating piece-work
    • possibility of calculating a piece-work directly in a work card
    • detailed clearing of piece-work costs
  • complete settlement of domestic and foreign business trips
    • a library of routes with distances and travel times
    • a detailed calculation of travel costs
    • an automatically filled-in business trip form

Calculating remuneration Calculating remuneration

  • a modifiable system of calculating remuneration according to individual requirements
    • conventionally prepared various types of basic and additional payroll lists
    • a unique way of putting into parametres new remuneration components in accordance with the remuneration by-laws
    • a definable system of a detailed clearing of remuneration costs
  • record of payroll lists, the possibility of creating many lists in a month
    • updating calculation parametres by the means of internet
    • extended explanations of calculating key components (annual and sick leaves)
    • an automatic calculation of additional annual salary ("the thirteenth" salary), equalizations and corrections
    • legible print-outs of payroll lists and payslips for employees with the possibility of economode
    • a possibility of distributing payslips via electronic mail
    • an original system of controlling calculations
  • calculating civil-law contracts
    • calculation and record of other revenues (a freelance contract, a works contract)
    • prompting the gross amount having given the expected net salary
    • remuneration according to amount or rate, possibility of paying in instalments
    • transparent way of calculationg ZUS collections
  • printing and recording bank transfer orders
    • automatically generated transfers from remuneration, deductions, taxes and social insurance (ZUS) collections
    • cooperation with an appropriate bank system

Reports and lists Reports and lists

  • processing remuneration data
    • annual PIT (personal income tax) statements with the possibility of electronic signature and of sending e-Statements via internet
    • a ZUS list consisting of all data for ZUS reports in a concise form
    • cooperation with the Płatnik ZUS programme through a direct call for the programme with imported data
    • cooperation with the programme for electronic exchange of data with NFZ
    • cooperation with the system SOD PFRON (system of funding which is run by the State Fund of Rehabilitation of the Disabled) enabling automatic transfer of data to the System of Funding and filling in the following forms: WnD, INF-D-P, WnU, INF U-P
  • allocation of remuneration costs
    • a detailed list of work costs of particular employees wit the division into departments and commissions
    • a detailed cost accounts code assignment with the division into centres or accounts of group "5"
    • cooperation with popular financing and accounting systems
  • salary planning and analysis as well as HR lists according to various criteria
    • detailed lists which allow for correct filling in of the following forms: DG-1, Z-03, Z-05, Z-06 and Z-12
    • a list of funds secured for remuneration
    • an internal generator of reports based on SQL enquiries
    • exporting the lists to other systems (e.g Excel) for further analysis
    • transferring the lists by the means of electronic mail
  • processing employment data
    • an aesthetic print-out of job certificates taking into account all options
    • serial printing of the files and PIT statements without troublesome change of paper sheets in the printer
    • a collective shipment of e-Statements by the means of the internet
    • a possiblity of preparing own documents for company internal needs

Additional advantages of the system

  • corporate versions
    • a possibility of servicing many companies of any legal form
    • importing data of companies from the Płatnik programme
    • additional options for educational units, medical care and agencies of temporary work
    • processing data of supported employment enterprises and other units which employ the disabled
    • versions dedicated to accounting offices
  • network version
    • a database of client-server architecture based on SQL server
    • a three-layer architecture of applications enabling remote work in a wide area network
    • a possibility of granting passwords and rights to particular users
    • controlling operations performed by different users
  • data safety
    • guaranteed receipt of programme updates, including all changes in law
    • a mechanism of automatic programme update on all work stations by the means of the internet
    • a task schedule enabling periodical data archiving
    • an extended internal context help and technical advice via telephone and at the user’s seat

System requirements

  • computer with Intel or compatible 2 GHz or faster processor (min. 1 GHz)
  • operating system Windows 7/8/10 (32 or 64-bit) (min. Windows XP/Vista)
  • 2 GB of RAM or more (min. 512 MB)
  • 2,2 GB of available hard disk space (min. 600 MB)

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