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PRO Line

For medium and large enterprises

do not limit your requirements
R2środkiPRO fixed assets 

  • Quick access to information about fixed assets
  • Comprehensive documentation of fixed assets
  • Proper calculation of depreciation
  • Proper settlement of assets in operation
  • Detailed analysis of operation costs
R2środkiPRO fixed assets 

R2środkiPRO is based on SQL system and designed for the management of fixed assets. Thanks to its elaborated structure there is an immediate access to full information about components of real estate and intangible assets. Due to the possibility of using parametres it easily adjusts to the depreciation systemi used in a company. It automates the process of depreciation deductions and proper bookkeeping.

R2środkiPRO is a proposal for demanding users who can spend only little amount of their precious time on keeping detailed records and proper calculation of depreciation of fixed assets.

The system requires earlier installation of full server of SQl database (Microsoft SQL server 2000 or Microsoft SQL server 2005), but in the case of a smaller number of users it is sufficient to install a free-of-charge version of Microsoft SQL server attached to the software.

R2środkiPRO can be used for all types of bookkeeping (general ledger, revenue and expense ledger, flat rate). Thanks to this the software is particularly useful to accounting offices, where it enables servicing various companies maintaining the same interface and user’s habits.

Record of fixed assets Record of fixed assets

  • record of fixed assets and assets of low value as well as of intagible assets
    • a full specification (e.g. a supplier, a producer, service, a description, product manufacturing information)
  • record of conducted operations
    • all necessary operations: a receipt, a location change,a change of the person in charge, modernisation, reevaluation, correction, liquidation, a sale, a transfer together with printing documents of OT, MT, LT, PT, WT and others
    • record of purchasing and sale documents connected with a particular transaction
  • record of purchasing and sale documents
  • record of components
    • a description, product manufacturing information, a supplier, a producer, purchasing and sale documents
  • full Classification of Fixed Assets a full and up-to-date Classification of Fixed Assets(KŚT)
    • a full classification consisting of detailed descriptions of particular items
    • automatically updated via internet
  • a possibility of identifying a location and a person in charge
    • record of changes thanks to appropriate operations
  • a possibility of group division (other than division according to KŚT)
  • a separate balance and tax depreciation
    • a possibility of choosing assets for which there is to be a separate depreciation
    • an independent depreciation plan and record of depreciation deductions for both kinds of depreciation
  • depreciation plan generating depreciation plan
    • standard depreciation methods: single, linear, degressive, 30% accelerated
    • a possibility of manual plan modification
    • various depreciation frequencies: monthly, quarterly, annual
    • an automatic plan adjustment to the conducted operations
  • an automatic calculation of depreciation deductions for an asset or a group of assets
    • record of depreciation deductions for the whole period of an asset operational term
  • an automatic generation of posting orders
    • a posting diagram with the specification of accounts for groups or single assets
    • conducting cost record
    • a possibility of separating depreciation costs into contracts and centres
    • a possibility of separating depreciation costs into accounts of „5” group
    • journal vouchers generated for companies with revenue and expense ledger
  • a module of fixed assets stock-taking
    • a printout of labels with bar codes
    • a printout of stock-taking sheets and divergency records
  • a fast selection of assets acccording to various criteria
    • according to status: prepared, accepted, used, unused (with a possibility of choosing a period)
    • other criteria: Classification of Fixed Assets (KŚT), a group, a location, a person in charge
  • a printout of a fixed asset card, the record and list of assets
    • printouts that meet requirements of general ledger, revenue and expense ledger as well as of flat-rate revenue register
  • a printout of depreciation plan and table
    • a printout of all table columns on one A-4 paper sheet
    • a possibility of printing a table and other lists from previous years
  • an unlimited number of lists according to various criteria
  • an extended library of contracting parties
    • full data (address, telephone, e-mail) of producers, suppliers and companies that provide technical maintenance

Record of fixed assets Equipment record

  • equipment record with division into groups
    • a full specification (e.g. a supplier, a producer, service, a description, product manufacturing information)
  • a possibility of identifying a location anda person in charge
  • purchasing and sale documents
  • a printout of equipment record

Additional advantages of the system

  • a version for an accounting office
    • a possibility of servicing several companies of various legal forms
    • controlling data entries and correction by different users
    • a possibility of sending all printouts via internet mail
  • a network version
    • operation in any network in Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP environment
    • a possibility of granting passwords and rights to particular users
  • a possibility of extending the system by additional modules
    • uniform work standards in the invoicing module and in the HR and payroll system
  • compatibility with binding law and a guarantee of receiving a new version that takes into account its changes
  • an internal context help and technical advice via telephone and in user’s seat
  • updating the programme and servicing data via internet

System requirements

  • computer with Intel or compatible 2 GHz or faster processor (min. 1 GHz)
  • operating system Windows 7/8/10 (32 or 64-bit) (min. Windows XP/Vista)
  • 2 GB of RAM or more (min. 512 MB)
  • 2,2 GB of available hard disk space (min. 600 MB)

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