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For small and medium business

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R2faktury sales servicesystem

  • Fast making out of invoices
  • Easy warehouse management
  • Debt collection and settlement
  • Currency invoices and transactions
  • Extended mechanism of data analysis
R2faktury sales servicesystem

R2faktury is a software designed for the management of sales and a warehouse. It provides fast issue of invoices and their detailed settlement. It conducts a warehouse and enables issuing all necessary warehouse documents (PZ – goods received notes, MM – intra-warehouse moves, WZ – inventory issue, RW – goods issued notes). It offers payment settlement by the means of cash and bank reports. It also keeps transactions with contracting parties, helps to collect debts and blocks transactions with unreliable contracting parties. Extended statistics and definable lists enable a detailed analysis of the conducted business activity. It draws, prints and exports bank transfer orders. Thanks to a module design it adjusts easily to the character of the serviced company.

It has been on offer since 1999. Its advantages include a relatively low price, an immediate implementation process and a simple and intuitive operation which can be quickly mastered even by novice computer users. Most operations in the programme can be carried out using only a keyboard without the use of a mouse.

The software is strongly recommended for small and medium-size commercial and service companies.

Warehouse Warehouse

  • receiving goods and materials – goods/materials received notes (PZ)
  • receiving goods and materials on the basis of invoices from flat-rate farmers (RR invoices)
  • corrections of receipts
    • any number of corrective PZ notes for one PZ note
  • possibility of full adjustment of documents to own needs
    • a possibility of defining any documents (e.g. Order to a supplier, PW notes -goods/materials received internally) and specifying their content
    • a possibility of full adjustment of all printouts, together with the possibility of specifyng special models of PZ and WZ (inventory issue) notes for particular contracting parties
  • several warehouses, intra-warehouse moves (MM)
  • inventory issue notes (WZ), goods/materials issued notes (RW)
  • a control of warehouse inventory
    • FIFO, LIFO algorithms or a specific delivery
    • numbers to four decimal places
  • automatic inventory issue note (WZ) to an invoice
  • calculating margin and profit, sales settlement in the purchase prices
    • margin calculated according to the algorithm "per a hundred" or "in a hundred"
    • profit and margin can take into account transport costs not included in the purchase price
  • filtering of assortments according to current warehouse inventories
  • stock taking
    • stock taking sheets with the division into warehouses and assortment groups
    • a printout of the list with differences for particular sheets
    • automatic generation of PR+ and PR- divergences reports correcting the warehouse inventory
    • a possibility of importing warehouse inventories from the data collector
  • various ways of numbering documents
    • annual or monthly numbering, unlimited number layout, keeping number continuation
  • payment settlement for purchase invoices
    • an unlimited number of installments
    • various payment forms (cash, transfer, cheque, credit card, cash on delivery, compensation or any others)
    • list of creditors
  • handling serial numbers
    • receipts or other warehouse operations on concrete items of a given assortment marked with serial numbers
  • contract servicing
    • a thorough settlement of deliveries coming from various PZ (goods/material received notes) under a given contract (agreements, commissions, etc.)

Invoices Invoices

  • VAT invoices, pro-forma invoices, receipts, bills
  • corrective documents
    • an unlimited number of corrective invoices to one invoice
  • a possibility of full adjustment of documents to own needs
    • a possibility of defining any documents ( Order) and specifying their content
    • a possibility of inserting graphic elements on documents (a company logo)
    • a possibility of full adjustment of all printouts, together with a possibility of specyfing special models of invoices for particular contracting parties
  • automatic issuing of monthly-repeated invoices with a possiblity of serial printing
    • specifying the initial and final date as well as the issuing frequency (month, week)
    • automatic skipping of free days and holiday
  • e-invoices
    • digital signing of invoices in PDF format
    • distribution of e-invoices via email
    • recording copies of made-out invoices
    • operations on single invoices and repeatedly on many invoices
    • printing and sending the consent form via email
  • an automatic invoice to an inventory issue note (WZ)
    • one joint invoice to several inventory issue notes (WZ)
  • an automatic invoice to a receipt
    • one invoice to one or more receipts issued earlier
  • a possibility of reinvoicing payments for e.g. electric energy
    • sale prices to four decimal places
  • a possibility of specifying sale prices on the basis of currency prices converted into PLN according to a given exchange rate
  • specific facilitations for invoicing services
    • a service description can be of an unlimited length
    • the repeated part of the description can be chosen from an assortment library and the changing part can be written directly on an invoice
  • various ways of numbering documents
    • annual or monthly numbering, an unlimited number layout, keeping number continuation
  • payment settlement for issued invoices
    • an unlimited number of instalments
    • various payment forms (cash, transfer, cheque, credit card, cash on delivery, compensation or any others)
    • a possibility of choosing a bank account for an invoice payment
    • a list of debtors
  • export invoices in foreign currencies or in PLN
    • a library of currencies and average NBP exchange rates
    • an automatic download of exchange rates from the NBP internet site
    • a choice of transaction type: intra-community delivery of goods, export of goods, export of services
    • currency amounts converted into PLN according to two different rates: one for revenues, the other – to calculate VAT
    • an automatic translation of the invoice into English or German language and after the preparation of own translation – into any other
    • currency payments converted into PLN according to the exchange rate from the payment date
    • an automatic calculation of exchange rate differences
  • handling serial numbers
    • a possibility of specifying a serial number with each invoice item
  • settlement of sales representatives’ transactions
    • a list of invoices issued in a given period for contracting parties connected with particular sales representatives
  • cooperation with the scan of bar codes
  • servicing fiscal printers (Posnet, Elzab and compatible ones) as well as fiscal cash registers (Posnet Neo and compatible ones)
    • record of all fiscal devices used in a company
    • a list of receipts printed on particular fiscal printers
  • VAT sales register
    • total daily sales into receipts as one item on the register printout

Cash/bank Cash/bank

  • cash reports RK, cash register receipts and disbursements (KP and KW), a possibility of keeping several cash registers at the same time, a possibility of entering several reports within one day
  • bank reports for an unlimited number of bank accounts
  • an automatic payment posting on the basis of issued invoices
    • collective payments with a daily sum of receipt sale
  • an automatic payment posting on the basis of settlements with a contracting party
  • currency bank and cash reports
    • payments in the invoice currency converted into PLN according to a given exchange rate
    • payments in EUR and other currencies for invoices made out in PLN (domestic and export ones)
    • payments in PLN for currency invoices

Accounts receivable and payable

  • a quick access to a detailed record of settlements with a contracting party
    • currency settlements
  • debt collection
    • individual or global issuing of past due payment reminders and payment demands together with their serial printout
    • individual or global issuing of notices of due interest together with their serial printout
    • records of non-collectible debts
  • a possibility of imposing restrictions on contracting parties who are behind with their payments
  • information about payment arrears at the moment of choosing a contracting party onto an invoice
  • lists of overdue receivables, a list of debtors and creditors
  • interest calculator

Bank transfers

  • printing and recording bank transfer orders and payment proofs
  • transfers to Social Insurance Office (ZUS) and a tax office
  • cooperation with many bank systems

Library of contracting parties Library of contracting parties

  • a full set of data about a contracting party
    • telephones, e-mail, www, bank account number (for transfers), cooperation conditions (payment form and date, permanent discount) and others
  • a quick access to:
    • turnover – i.e. assortment items purchased by this (or from this) contracting party
    • transactions – i.e. invoices made out to this contracting party (or by this contracting party) and payments for them
    • debt collection – i.e. payment reminders and demands as well as notices of due interest issued to this contracting party
  • information about restrictions connected with overdue payments
  • grouping contracting parties according to provinces and other criteria

Library of assortments Library of assortments

  • a possibility of entering long, descriptive names of assortments
  • three different sales prices to two or four decimal places
  • specifying sale prices on the basis of a margin in relation to a purchase or standard price
    • an automatic change of sales prices after changing the purchase price at subsequent received materials and goods (PZ)
  • specifying sales prices in a foreign currency
    • global calculation of sales prices after changing the currency exchange rate
  • dedicated sales prices
    • it is possible to draw an independent sales pricelist for each contracting party including all or only selected assortments from the assortment list or discounts for selected assortment groups
  • groups and assortment categories useful for lists
  • unit weight
  • www with assortment description

Unlimited number of lists

  • a fast access to statistics of any date: sales, cash status, accounts payable and receivable with the division into periods, comparison of sales with an analogical period from the previous year, percentage sales increase, charts
  • several dozen of ready lists of sales and purchases
  • a possibility of creating additional lists on the basis of SQL enquiries
  • an extended mechanism of data analysis – it is possible to select any items in a simple way (e.g. invoices, assortments, contracting parties) that meet set criteria

Additional advantages Additional advantages

  • data export to the R2księga or R2fk bookkeeping softwares
    • an automatic export of sales and purchase invoices (PZ) as well as cash and bank reports
    • receipts or all cash documents optionally exported as daily sums
    • proper posting of invoices issued on the basis of fiscal receipts
    • an automatic distinction of transaction types (domestic sales, goods export, service export, etc.)
  • operation in any network in Windows environment (98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista)
  • a possibility of automatic download of software updates via internet
  • a possibility of sending all printouts (amongst others: an invoice, an inventory issue note (WZ) via email as an enclosure in pdf or html format
  • a possibility of extending the system by additional modules (revenue and expense ledger, revenue register (flat rate), general ledger accounting (fk), payroll and HR)
  • compatibility with current law and a guarantee of receiving a new version which takes into account its changes
  • an internal context help (operational manual) as well as technical advice via telephone, internet and in the user’s seat
  • operation in a network with the possibility of granting passwords and rights to particular users
  • a possibility of servicing several companies in one programme

System requirements

  • computer with Intel or compatible 2 GHz or faster processor (min. 1 GHz)
  • operating system Windows 7/8/10 (32 or 64-bit) (min. Windows XP/Vista)
  • 2 GB of RAM or more (min. 512 MB)
  • 2,2 GB of available hard disk space (min. 600 MB)

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