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R2księga revenue and expenseledger

  • Comprehensive settlement with a tax office
  • Fast data entering
  • All required records and registers
  • Application and settlement tax statements
  • Currency transactions and settlements
R2księga revenue and expenseledger

R2księga is a system that enables a complex bookkeeping in the form of a revenue and expense ledger or a flat-rate revenue register. It consists of numerous additional modules allowing to keep all required records and enabling full tax settlements of the company and its owners with a tax office.

During the design of R2księga programme a special emphasis has been put on the speed of data entering without the use of a mouse. Optimised entering of documents and the whole control system enables a change in work organisation – data can be entered by a person who is not qualified in bookkeeping and an accountant only checks and closes the calculations. Thanks to frequent advice from experts, who run their own accounting offices, all the details of the software have been carefully refined.

It has been on offer since 2004. Its characteristic features include a relatively low price, an immediate implementation process and a simple and intuitive operation which can be quickly mastered even by novice computer users.

The system is recommended to all companies that keep a revenue and expense ledger or a flat-rate revenue register. It is strongly recommended to accounting offices.

Record of revenues and expenses Record of revenues and expenses

  • keeping Revenue and Expense Ledger in accordance with the binding model
    • very fast optimized data entering from a keyboard without the use of a mouse
    • keeping the ledger for all companies owned by a tax payer
    • automatic ordering of entries according to the event date
    • a printout of all ledger columns on one A4 paper sheet
  • optional posting in foreign currencies with the conversion into PLN according to average NBP exchange rates
    • automatic downloading of rates from NBP internet site
  • keeping a flat-rate Revenue Register together with a monthly settlement of flat-rate tax
  • keeping a record of income coming from rent or lease
  • an extended library of contracting parties
    • splitting contracting parties into many levels (e.g. a supplier, a recipient)
    • numerous additional data (e.g. telephone, e-mail)
    • a possibility of matching a default economic event
  • a library of economic events
    • a possibility of assigning default settings connected with an event: columns in a ledger, vat rates, a contract, payment dates and ways of VAT payments
  • controlling the correctness of entered data
    • thanks to the division of entries into transaction types there is a possibility of data entering without the knowledge of bookkeeping issues
    • an advanced cross control of entered data
    • a controlling detailed list of entered data
  • processing stock-taking data, margin calculation
  • payment settlement together with calculating interest for overdue payments
  • settlement of exchange rate differences for currency payments
  • turnover grouping according to an unlimited number of criteria
    • balancing economic events in any periods
    • in-built contracts enable an analysis of revenue and cost structure
    • a possibility of generating lists for previous years

VAT records
VAT records

  • VAT purchases and sales records according to binding models
    • simultaneous data entering into revenue and expense ledger and VAT records
    • additional possibilities of VAT payment according to the due or payment date
    • a register of non-deductible VAT on car purchase and fuel
    • a printout of all register columns on one A4 paper sheet
  • a printout of VAT-7, VAT-7K, VAT-7D and VAT-12 statements
  • settlements of intra-community transactions (WDT, WNT, Service Import)
  • a printout of internal invoices based on entries to VAT register
  • separate VAT registers for intra-community transactions
    • recording non-VAT taxable sales which are entitled to deduction
  • a printout of VAT-UE statement together with enclosures of VAT-UE/A and VAT-UE/B as well as the corrective statement of VAT-UEK
  • e-statements of VAT-7, VAT-7K, VAT-12, VAT-UE, VAT-UEK
    • preparation, signing and statement shipment as well as the receipt and a printout of the official confirmation of the receipt UPO
  • a printout of VAT-R, VAT-RUE, VAT-Z application forms
  • record of changes of VAT taxation forms (lack, monthly, quarterly)

Record of owners and co-owners

  • record of all co-owners and their income
    • record of income coming from business activities serviced by the software and of other income
  • a printout of monthly or quarterly lists of due income tax (a linear one or according to the scale) for the owner or co-owners
    • income (shares) from several companies
    • a possibility of changing shares within a month
    • a possibility of considering rent revenues
    • update of the amount of ZUS collections via internet
  • a printout of an annual PIT-36L tax statement
  • a printout of the following tax statements: PIT-28, PIT-28/A, PIT-28/B
    • a possibility of including shares from several companies and rent revenues
    • a monthly settlement of a flat-rate tax
  • a history of changes of taxation forms (monthly, quarterly, according to the scale, a linear one)
  • a printout of identification and updating forms necessary in business activity
    • additional drafts of certificates, statements and notices submitted to a tax office
    • NIP and VAT application and information forms

Record of fixed assets
Record of fixed assets

  • record of fixed assets and assets of low value as well as of intagible assets
    • a full specification (e.g. a supplier, a producer, product manufacturing information)
  • a possibility of group division
  • record of purchasing documents
  • record of conducted operations (a receipt, modernisation, liquidation)
  • a printout of a fixed asset card, record and list of assets
    • printouts that meet requirements of keeping a revenue and expense ledger as well as a flat-rate revenue register
  • generating depreciation plan according to various methods
    • various depreciation methods (single, linear, degressive, accelerated)
  • an automatic calculation of depreciation deductions for an asset or a group of assets
  • a printout of a depreciation table
    • a printout of all table columns on one A-4 paper sheet
  • an automatic generation of journal vouchers with depreciation deductions

Equipment record

  • equipment record with a division into groups
    • a full specification of equipment items
  • an automatic connection of the record with the revenue and expense ledger

Costs of vehicle mileage
Costs of vehicle mileage

  • settlement of travel costs by private cars
  • record of vehicle mileage
    • a library of routes with distances
    • update of car lump sums via internet
  • record of cost invoices
  • an automatic generation of journal vouchers with mileage costs

Record of journal vouchers

  • record and manual entries of journal vouchers
    • automatic numbering of vouchers
    • a possibility of posting several amounts into different ledger columns on one journal voucher
    • various templates of vouchers
  • an automatic generation of journal vouchers
    • vouchers with depreciation deductions, costs of vehicle mileage, a periodical list of sales and settlements of exchange rate differences
  • a printout and automatic entering of vouchers into a ledger

Module of cash/bank
Module of cash/bank

  • RK cash reports, cash register receipts and disbursements (KP and KW),
    • a possibility of keeping several cash registers at the same time
    • a possibility of entering several reports within one day
  • bank reports for an unlimited number of bank accounts
  • automatic posting of payments on the basis of ledger entries
  • automatic posting of payments on the basis of transactions with a contracting party

Module of accounts receivable and payable

  • a quick access to a detailed record of transactions with a contracting party
  • debt collection
    • individual or global issuing of past due payment reminders and payment demands together with their serial printout
    • individual or global issuing of notices of due interest together with their serial printout
    • records of non-collectibles
  • an interest calculator calculating statutory and tax interest

Record of bank transfers

  • printing and recording bank transfer orders
    • printing content of transfer orders on ready forms of various types
  • transfers to Social Insurance Office (ZUS) and a tax office
    • automatic transfers of ZUS collections and PITs and VATs generated on the basis of tax statements
  • cooperation with a wide range of bank systems
    • a possibility of adjusting the software to cooperate with any bank system

Additional advantages of the system
Additional advantages of the system

  • a version for an accounting office
    • a possibility of servicing several companies of various legal forms
    • a possibility of using a common library of contracting parties for all or selected companies
    • serial printing of VAT-7 statements or serial sending of VAT-7 e-statements
    • e-mail messages for all customers with the information about values of taxes which are due to paid in given period
    • controlling data entries and correction by different users
    • a possibility of sending all printouts via internet mail in the HTML or PDF format
  • a network version
    • operation in any network in Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP environment
    • a possibility of granting passwords and rights to particular users
  • a possibility of extending the system by additional modules
    • uniform work standards in the invoicing module and in the HR and payroll system
    • an automatic import of invoices and payment settlements
  • compatibility with binding law and a guarantee of receiving a new version that takes into account its changes
  • an internal context help and technical advice via telephone and in user’s seat
  • updating the programme and servicing data via internet
    • automatic downloading of calculation parametres from the producer’s website (e.g. ZUS bases and collections)

System requirements

  • computer with Intel or compatible 2 GHz or faster processor (min. 1 GHz)
  • operating system Windows 7/8/10 (32 or 64-bit) (min. Windows XP/Vista)
  • 2 GB of RAM or more (min. 512 MB)
  • 2,2 GB of available hard disk space (min. 600 MB)

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