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R2przelew fast printing of bank transfers

  • Quick preparation of a transfer
  • Original printout specimen
  • Cooperation with Bank systems
  • Record and analysis of made transfers
R2przelew fast printing of bank transfers

Bank transfers and payment proofsR2przelew is a software designed for printing and recording bank transfer orders and payment proofs.

Besides printing, it also enables the export of transfers into files in formats acceptable by most banks – thanks to it it is a perfect supplement of systems of Home Banking type.

It has been on offer since 2000 and is characterised by a low price, an immediate implementation process and a simple and intuitive operation, which can be quickly mastered by novice computer users.

The system is recommended for companies of any business profile, including accounting offices.

Bank transfers and payment proofs

  • printing and recording bank transfer orders and payment proofs (also to the Social Insurance Office (ZUS) with payables of collections and onto accounts of tax bodies with tax payables)
  • printing collective bank transfer orders with the possibility of specifying the item number on a page
  • two ways of printing transfers
    • a full printout on blank A4 paper sheets (in black or red colour, two slips on a page)
    • printing on A4 paper sheets with a ready red form (two, four or six slips on a page)
  • optional printing of transfers for partial manual filling-in (without a date, amount or ordering party’s account)
  • a possibility of preparing an unlimited number of transfers to the benefit of own company (to facilitate payment to own customers)

Bank transfers and payment proofs Bank accounts

  • servicing an unlimited number of own bank accounts

Library of contracting parties

  • a full data set about a contracting party (name, address, bank name, account number)

Library of tax offices

  • full data of all tax offices and chambers (name, address, telephones and numbers of CIT, VAT, PIT and other accounts)

Bank transfers and payment proofs Export

  • export of transfers into a file in the format of Multicash/Eliksir, PrzelewKB, Videotel and many others
  • export of all data in formats of DBF, TXT and HTML
  • export of printouts in PDF format


  • an extended mechanism of creating lists (on the basis of SQL enquiries)

System requirements

  • computer with Intel or compatible 2 GHz or faster processor (min. 1 GHz)
  • operating system Windows 7/8/10 (32 or 64-bit) (min. Windows XP/Vista)
  • 2 GB of RAM or more (min. 512 MB)
  • 2,2 GB of available hard disk space (min. 600 MB)

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